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Beeswax, damar resin, dry pigments and shellac on cradled wood panel


This painting was inspired by a piece of classical music by Jordi Fornies and Lucas Gonzalez. Translation of this title is An Old Voice or An Ancient Voice. To each person An Ancient Voice can mean God, Divine Feminine, Universe, Ancestors, Mother Gaia, Spirit, etc. It is an ancient voice of guidance that can only be heard when we quiet the noise in our minds. It is a voice that can be heard through meditation, while being still and tuning in. The classical piano and acoustic guitar in this piece of music are magical together. The layers of blue lace reticulation is representing our "armour" or "ego" that we all wear, sometimes not realizing how much it inhibits our authentic life. Dropping that armour takes a lot of work and awareness, but when we do, at least for that moment of stillness, we get to tap into our greatest inner knowing, our own Ancient Voice.

Hanging hardware is included

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